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How to Delete Yourself From The Internet?

Google can give you more information than you may want. If you have a personal bankruptcy or are looking for information on your family, a stalker or coworker could easily find it. This can be embarrassing at best, and dangerous at worst. You should also consider identity theft. Are you wondering if it is possible to remove yourself from Google Search? This is a personal decision that will be influenced by your particular situation.

Although you cannot completely disappear from the Internet you can remove your name from many Google search results. Although it takes time and may require some phone calls, you can do this and delete 99 percent of the digital footprint. Here are some ways to keep your digital footprint private, at least for some of it.

Google will remove you for the right reasons

You’re not going in the right direction if you want to remove yourself from Google search so that corporations don’t have your data. The majority of information corporations have about you is not gathered through a Google search. This information is usually gathered through your social media usage or shopping habits on websites. Once the information has been gathered, it can be sold to other companies. Even if you choose to remove yourself from Google search results, you will likely still have a lot of information about yourself. You can remove yourself from Google search results to help future employers, stalkers, and other people avoid finding you online.

Google Search: How to delete yourself

Your first and most obvious step to remove yourself from search results is to delete all social media accounts. Or at the very least, change your name from your real to a fake one. Google will crawl a website that has removed your credentials and remove your information from search results.

You should delete or modify any accounts you haven’t used for years, such as Reddit or MySpace. Any accounts that you don’t remember should be found by your self-Google. You can keep your accounts. Nilsson notes that Google will not show your photos in search results if you make your Instagram or other social media accounts “private”.

Contact data-collection websites and data-broker service

You may have found websites that said things like “We’ve located the phone number of Joe Jones” or “Click Here to obtain the arrest records for Joe Jones,” while you were doing your Google search. These sites can be data-collection or data-broker sites. These sites allow you to view information about someone, such as their address, court history, and names of family members, for a small fee. It can be difficult to get your data deleted from these sites. Each site has its own process. To get your data removed from these sites, you will need to contact them individually. Or, you can use services such as DeleteMe, which can help you for a fee. Google might also have some disturbing information about you, based on user activity.

Comment deleted from the website

Simple comments on articles on the website can also be found in a Google search. If you are unable to log in to the site to delete the comment, you will need to contact the site owners and request that they manually remove it. You will usually find contact information on the site’s Contact or About Us pages. If this page doesn’t provide any useful information, you can go to for the contact information. It’s important to remember that website owners are not required to delete comments. They probably won’t. But it’s worth giving it a try.

Selepak states that the internet is still the Wild West without any government regulation. It is extremely difficult to get anything down, even if it makes one look bad or embarrassing. “The only way to get help is from strangers. Unfortunately, this is not a time of kindness.

Photos or articles that are not about you can be removed

Photos and articles about you, like website comments, can be difficult to remove. To request removal, you will need to contact the website owner. Google can also be contacted to request the removal of information via their online service. You can also report images that are considered pornographic to request a removal using the Report Inappropriate content tool.

Google Maps allows you to hide your home

Google will show you a photo of the home in Google Maps if you do a search for your address. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can always delete it. Google will blur your house quite easily. Simply go to Google Maps and search for your address. Click on the photo of your home. You’ll be able to see your address in a black box. Click on the menu and select Report a problem. Complete the form and click on submit to save your changes. Important note: This form is irrevocable and cannot be undone.


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