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Anyehara De Los Santos

Medicare Sales Rep in Bronx, NY

Meet Anyehara De Los Santos, a skilled Medicare Sales Representative and Benefits Consultant based in the vibrant Bronx, New York. With a remarkable 12-year journey at WellCare Health Plans, Anyehara has honed her expertise in helping people with their healthcare needs. She graduated in 2003 from Liceo Manuel De Jesus Ciprian Valdez, and her story is one of inspiration and success in healthcare. Join us as we delve into her experiences and gain valuable insights that can inspire your path to career success.

Anyehara De Los Santos Interview:

1. How did you initially get involved in the Medicare sales industry, and what inspired you to pursue this career path?

I entered the Medicare sales industry driven by a passion for helping individuals navigate the complexities of healthcare. Witnessing the impact that accessible healthcare coverage had on people’s lives inspired me to contribute meaningfully.

2. What specific skills or qualities are crucial for success in Medicare sales, especially for someone just starting?

Effective communication, empathy, and a deep understanding of healthcare policies are paramount. Additionally, resilience and adaptability are crucial, as the industry is ever-evolving.

3. Can you share some insights into the challenges you faced when starting your career as a Medicare sales representative and how you overcame them?

Initially, building a client base was challenging. I overcame this by focusing on creating genuine 

connections, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring my approach accordingly. Consistency and perseverance were vital.

4. Given the evolving healthcare landscape, what advice would you offer a young entrepreneur looking to enter the Medicare sales sector today?

Stay informed about policy changes, embrace technology, and cultivate a genuine interest in the well-being of your clients. Building trust is foundational to success.

5. How do you stay updated on the latest changes and trends in Medicare policies, and how vital is this continuous learning process in your role?

Continuous learning is non-negotiable. I attend workshops, engage in online courses, and stay connected with industry publications. Staying informed allows me to provide the best service to my clients.

6. Building trust is essential in sales. What strategies or approaches have you found most effective in establishing and maintaining client trust?

Transparency and honesty are my cornerstones. I take the time to understand my client’s needs, provide clear information, and follow through on commitments. Consistent communication fosters trust.

7. Can you share a memorable success story or a challenging situation you encountered as a Medicare sales rep, and what lessons did you take away from it?

One memorable success was helping a family secure comprehensive coverage addressing their health needs. The lesson was that personalized care and attention to detail can significantly impact people’s lives.

8. In a field that involves interacting with diverse clients, how do you tailor your approach to meet the unique needs of each individual or community?

Understanding cultural nuances is crucial. I adapt my communication style, ensuring that information is accessible and relatable. This fosters a sense of trust and understanding.

9. With the increasing use of technology in healthcare, how has it impacted your role as a Medicare sales rep, and what advice would you give someone navigating this digital transformation?

Technology has streamlined processes, making information more accessible. Embrace digital tools but keep the human touch. Face-to-face interactions remain invaluable in this industry.

10. What networking or professional development opportunities do you recommend for young entrepreneurs entering the Medicare sales industry, and how have such connections benefited your career?

Attend industry conferences, join relevant online forums, and build connections with professionals in the field. Networking opens doors to valuable insights, collaborative opportunities, and personal growth.

As we conclude our interview, Anyehara De Los Santos leaves us with a wealth of knowledge and a testament to the importance of passion, adaptability, and genuine care in the dynamic world of Medicare sales. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking success in this ever-evolving sector.




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