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Strobert Tree Service: Expert Tree Care Partner in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania

Strobert Tree Service has been a trusted name in the tri-state area for over two decades, providing safe and affordable tree care services. Initially established in Wilmington, Delaware, the company has expanded its reach to Spring Mount, Pennsylvania, offering top-notch tree care solutions. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, Strobert Tree Service is dedicated to maintaining your trees’ and landscapes’ health and beauty. Let’s explore their wide range of services and how you can benefit from their expertise.

Tree Removal: Safely Navigating the Process

Tree removal can be a complex and hazardous task, requiring professional expertise to ensure the safety of both property and individuals. Strobert Tree Service excels in this area with a team of certified arborists trained in the proper techniques for safe tree removal. Whether a tree is diseased, dead, or poses a risk to your property, their experts will carefully assess the situation and employ specialized equipment to efficiently and safely remove the tree.

Tree & Shrub Trimming and Pruning: Nurturing Healthy Growth

Regular trimming and pruning are essential for the health and vitality of your trees and shrubs. Strobert Tree Service’s certified arborists are skilled in pruning, strategically removing dead or overgrown branches to promote healthy growth. Proper pruning enhances air circulation, sunlight exposure, and overall structure, ensuring that your trees and shrubs flourish and add beauty to your landscape.

Tree Cabling: Supporting Tree Structure

Trees with weak or heavy branches may benefit from cabling, which provides additional support to prevent branch failure. Strobert Tree Service employs advanced cabling techniques to reinforce weak units, reducing the risk of damage during severe weather conditions. This preventive measure can extend the life of your trees and protect your property from potential tree-related hazards.

Stump Removal: Eliminating Unsightly Remnants

After tree removal, the stump left behind can be an unsightly obstacle in your landscape. Strobert Tree Service offers professional stump removal services to eliminate these remnants. Their team utilizes modern stump grinding equipment to efficiently grind the stump below the surface, leaving your property clear and ready for new landscaping endeavors.

Available for Emergency 24 HR: Reliable Support When You Need It Most

Emergencies can strike anytime, and dealing with tree-related emergencies requires prompt and reliable assistance. Strobert Tree Service understands the urgency of such situations and offers 24-hour emergency services in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania, 19478, and surrounding areas. Whether it’s storm damage, fallen trees, or hazardous limbs threatening your property, their expert team will promptly respond to address the situation and restore safety to your surroundings.

Contact Strobert Tree Services: Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you need professional tree care services in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania, Strobert Tree Service is just a phone call away. Their team of certified arborists is ready to assist you with any tree-related needs, from tree removal to trimming and pruning. To get started, contact them at (610) 388-9570 to schedule a free consultation with one of their experts. During the consultation, their team will assess your trees and provide tailored recommendations to ensure your landscape’s health, safety, and beauty.

458 Swamp Pike, Schwenksville, PA 19473


Strobert Tree Service is your go-to partner for expert tree care services in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania. With their years of experience, certified arborists, and dedication to excellence, you can trust them to handle all your tree care needs with utmost professionalism and safety. From tree removal and pruning to emergency support, Strobert Tree Service keeps your trees and landscapes thriving and your property safe. Contact them today to schedule a free consultation and experience the difference between having a reliable and skilled tree care partner by your side.




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