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19 Reputation Management Stats Every Business Owner Should Know

Reputation is important for a business’s very existence. Interestingly, it is a fact that more than 80% of consumers trust your online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That is why online reputation has become a game. Edelman trust barometer shows that more than 65% of consumers trust the results of online search engines while conducting research on business. So, you need to understand first what online reputation management statistics are favorable for your business. 

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  1. Do you know that 90% of customers (2016) prefer to read reviews on social media sides or websites before they buy any product? Your whole business reputation depends on their online views about your product.
  2. 67.7% of customers purchasing decision depends on your business online reviews (2015). More than half of the traffic of online viewers view your reputation statistics before buying your product. 
  3. We see that personal recommendations are important. But not more than online reviews. Online reviews effects 84% of customers (2016). They prefer online views over their personal recommendations. 
  4. What is the power of positive views? 74% of customers view positive reviews as crucial to trust any local business (2016). 
  5. Your online business reputation is the key to generating many revenues. If there is an increase of stars on the Yelp rating scale your revenue will increase from 5 to 9 % (2016). 
  6. The impact of the Yelp rating scale is so much that 82% of people or Yelp users visit Yelp if they want to buy a product (2013).
  7. Search engine reputation is very important as 91% of online customers use them as a tool to make decisions about the product (2012).
  8. Do you prefer a search engine? Almost 65 % of people around you trust the results of the search engine more than any other online or offline sources (2014). 
  9. Online reviews have become so important that if the results are not positive it will affect them.  In the same way, 50% of US adults try to google themselves to see the results. (2012). 
  10. Your company should have a reputation to appear in the first ten results of the search engine. Because statistics show that 93% of searchers use only the first ten of results on web pages (2014). 
  11.  If you have one opposing article you will lose 22% of your business revenues (2015). If you have two negatives on the search page there is a risk that you will lose 44% of your customers. If three than 59.2% of customers or buyers will develop a negative image about you, and you will lose them (2015). If four then it is going to turn your business down because you will lose 70% of users. 
  12.  Half of US adults google something before they start a business with someone. 45% said they if they find something negative, they will not start a business with them (2012). 56% of US adults said that they will do business because they found something positive. 
  13.  A bad reputation is as threatening as cancer. If you have a bad reputation it will cost your company at least 10% more per hire (2016). 
  14.  Employers or companies also screen candidates before selecting them. Statistics show that 70% of screen candidates up to 11% by using social media. 
  15.  If you have a good reputation online then you will not have to suffer from competition. 95% of recruiters believe that if you do not stand out in your online reputation then you will have a hard completion (2015). 
  16.  Statistics show that 75% of companies search online for job candidates (2010).  It shows the importance of online recruitment.
  17.  A strong online reputation influences the decision to hire someone (2010). Almost 85% of US HR professional places importance on the online reputation of candidates. 
  18.  Rejection also depends upon online reputation. 75% OF U.S. recruiters reject candidates due to their bad reputation (2010). 
  19.  Statistics show that 57% of recruiters do not interview candidates who have no reputation online or who can’t be found (2017).

These online reputation management stats should be utilized by every business owner to create a strategy around.

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