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Which final deliverables should project managers be responsible for?

Deliverables are tangible assets, such as blueprints and inventory statements that aid the project in some manner. Project managers are typically responsible for the following in the construction industry:

Structure for work breakdown

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), is a visual tool that the entire team can use to view the plan and each phase as they are separated. This makes it simple to track progress and create a schedule. A WBS provides a big picture that helps you and your team stay on the right track. If one section takes more time or costs more than expected, it is immediately obvious which phases are affected and where adjustments are needed.

Scope statement and documentation

Scope statements allow the project manager to communicate the clients’ hopes and dreams for the construction project. This type of document will contain key project objectives and milestone definitions. It also contains the main benefits. While a scope statement can be useful throughout the project, it is especially helpful at the end when the final work results are compared with the original intent.

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Risk-management plan

Any project that involves humans will have some risks. This is especially true if heavy machinery or tools are involved. It is your responsibility as a project manager to find ways to keep budgetary and time commitments. Special attention should be paid to dealing in the event of a shortage. There are many unexpected budget cuts, construction problems, and personnel shifts that can occur once a project is underway. This document acts as your contingency planning and will guide the team through any changes to the project landscape.

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Communication plan

No matter the size of a construction project, you’ll likely have to manage dozens of people at once. A construction project manager must manage hundreds of moving parts and keep communication lines open, accessible, updated, and open at all times. It is important to have a plan and a strategy in place before things get complicated.




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