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How to Suppress Negative Search Results You Don’t Want Showing

Everyone making use of the internet is concerned with their online reputation, and while there are many tools available to boost positive results, suppressing negative search results can seem like an overwhelming challenge. 

Fortunately, with the right methods and strategies, anyone can learn how to effectively suppress unwanted results in search engines.

Monitor your Online Presence

One of the key steps to suppressing unwanted search results is monitoring your online presence. Setting up regular searches for yourself, and being proactive about seeing what pops up, can help you stay on top of any unwanted results that may appear, and give you the chance to remove them sooner rather than later. 

You should also be on alert for any suspicious or false content that other people are spreading about you online, as this can easily affect your reputation.

Claim and Optimize Your Profiles

Creating and optimizing your profiles on social media and professional websites can help you control your search results. 

Claiming and managing your profile on a site like LinkedIn, or even creating one if it doesn’t already exist, is the best way to ensure that you’re staying in control of what information shows up in search engines about you. 

Make sure to fill out all the relevant fields completely and accurately, and that all photos or videos reflect positively on you.

Create Fresh Quality Content

Creating and publishing strong content is one of the most effective ways to suppress negative search results. The positive content that you create and host on your website or blog has a far better chance of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)) then any negative information. 

Creating informative, well-written blog posts, white papers, articles, or press releases on relevant topics, can help boost your online reputation and move any negative content further down the SERP.

Reach Out to Positive Influencers

Engaging with people and organizations that have a positive influence on the community is another way to suppress negative search results. If you know influential people who have a large presence in social media, and whose work showcases a commitment to supporting the greater good, link up with them as they can be a great source of help. 

They may be willing to share your content and help spread the word about you or your organization to their audience.

Employ SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to suppress negative search results. There are a few tactics you can use to make certain information invisible. Start by creating content about your organization or brand and make sure to include keywords that you want to be associated with it. 

This makes it easier for search engines to recognize the type of content related to your organization or brand and will also push down existing negative results in the search rankings.




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