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Steps to get your home ready to sell

It is the goal of every seller to have their house sell quickly and make a profit. But it takes more than luck. This requires careful planning and the ability to professionally prepare your house to attract buyers.

Raleigh real estate agent Gary Kevin Coats assists in determining some steps that you can take in order to ensure your house sells quickly for top dollar.

Bedroom Closets and Storage Cabinets Organized

Buyers will be interested in storage space and will check out cabinets and closets. You must ensure that your storage space is organized. It sends a negative message to buyers if it’s messy and full of items that are falling out.

A buyer will appreciate how organized everything is. This shows that you care about your possessions and have taken good care of the home. You can alphabetize the spice jars in the kitchen, stack the dishes neatly, and flip the handles of the coffee cups so that they face the same direction. Closets should have shirts buttoned and hung together. Shoes should be neatly stacked.

You might consider renting a storage unit

A lot of homes look better when there is less furniture. Take out any furniture that blocks or hinders walkways and paths, and place them in storage along with artwork and distracting furniture.

Allow enough furniture for the room to be a focal point, but leave plenty of space for buyers to move about.

Removing or replacing favorite items

You should remove any window coverings, fixtures, and built-in appliances you are planning to take with you when you sell the house. The chandelier in the dining area once belonged to your great-grandmother. If so, make sure you take it down and ask that the house be included. Selling a house to someone who doesn’t want an item that enhances its appeal or appears in it can be detrimental.

Make minor repairs

You can sell your home in a well-maintained condition in some seller’s markets. But repairs are a major factor in a home’s sale.

Repair cracks in counter and floor tiles, as well as holes in walls. Leaky faucets, doors, and kitchen drawers that aren’t closing properly can be fixed. Paint walls in neutral colors, especially if the current color scheme is hot pink or purple. Do not give potential buyers any reason to think of your home as the “one with the orange bathroom”.

You can replace worn-out bulbs, or even consider replacing ones that have been in use for a while. You can avoid the possibility of a bulb blowing out if you flip the switch during a show. This is a minor problem that can be easily avoided if you’re careful. The buyer should have a positive experience.

Make your house sparkle

A professional cleaning crew may be needed to prepare your home for potential buyers. You might need to clean the windows both inside and out, rent a pressure washer, spray down the sidewalks and exterior, and recaulk tubs, sinks, and showers. Also polish chrome faucets. You should get rid of all dust from underneath furniture, cabinets, closets, and any other places it might be hiding.

You can maintain cleanliness by vacuuming every day, waxing floors, dusting furniture, and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. Keep the toilet lid shut when not in use.

Clean and ventilate all musty areas. Avoid cooking odorous foods like garlic or cabbage the night before a show. These smells can persist for days. You should monitor your pets’ litter boxes and other areas that are affected by these odors.

Get out of your house

It can be hard to let go of your home. It may have been your home for many years. The house is full of memories. It is important to realize that the house is only a shell that can be occupied by others. This will allow you to emotionally distance yourself from it. You can create new memories in the future by looking to the future.

Give Your Home a Neutral Style

You should get rid of any family heirlooms and photos, as well as other clutter, that could distract buyers or hinder a sale. Buyers should be presented with a clean, impersonal environment that allows them to imagine their home decorated with photographs, furniture, and other art. Potential buyers will be able to see the potential home filled with their items if you remove any personalization.

Furniture should be kept simple and not distracting. It would be difficult for buyers to imagine their antique furniture replacing the existing zebra sofa, bright yellow chair, and bear rug.

De-clutter Your House

Over the years, people tend to accumulate an incredible number of items. There are many reasons to keep items, including an emotional attachment, a desire to use or fix them in the future, and a desire to pass them along to others. For many items, however, if they haven’t been used in more than a year, they are probably not needed.

Donate unwanted items to Goodwill or a charity. These items will not only help those in greatest need but they are also tax-deductible.1 Call your local Goodwill to find out if the items are available for pick up. This service is usually scheduled once or twice per month in many towns.

Clean out your bookcases and remove any other small items. You can store essential items you use every day in small boxes that you can keep in your closet. This is a great way to get started with your packing.

Examine Curb Appeal

If a potential buyer refuses to get out of their agent’s vehicle because they are turned off by the exterior of your house, it is a loss. You can make you’re exterior more welcoming and appealing by painting the front door or adding dried wildflowers to the wreath. A landscaper can clean up your lawn, and add some shrubs and flowering plants. Hire a contractor if you have cracks in your walkway or front steps. Visitors should be able to clearly see the number of your house.

The Final Step

Imagine a potential buyer walking through your home and lingering in each doorway. You can arrange furniture to create a visual appeal. You should ensure that window coverings are properly hung. After you have cleaned up and organized everything, you can start staging your home. To learn more about getting ready to sell your home, visit the website of Gary Kevin Coats,


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