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Remove your personal information from Intelius

Do you want to keep your personal data off the internet? Sites such as appear in Google Search. They aggregate your personal information (as well as that of others) and share it with anyone who is interested. These platforms can gather data from multiple sources and build a profile that includes all of the information.

This information site even has the words “Access Information instantly” so you can find personal information for millions of people in just a few clicks or taps.

What if you don’t want your personal information to be made available to strangers? Are there any options? Yes, you can still remove personal information and complete an Intelius opt-out.

What are data brokers?

Sites called data brokers are used to searching for personal information. Beyond Intelius and Spokeo, BeenVerified offers the same services. There are many similar websites that appear to be appearing almost randomly without warning or fanfare.

An Intelius People Search will hide a lot of information behind a paywall. This includes criminal records and divorce records. However, users can still view basic details free of charge. This is particularly alarming for those trying to hide their location from stalkers or other undesirable individuals.

Sites like Intelius may seem to be breaking the law by making this information public, but the truth is that an Intelius search is legal. All information found on Intelius is already a public record. Intelius simply grabs it from other websites and places it all together.

How do you erase yourself from an Intelius search?

You will need to follow certain steps in order to remove your data from the Intelius people search. The bigger question is: Should you do this for Intelius and other sites?

Yes, it is possible. However, it is up to you how and whether you decide to do it yourself. After seeing how difficult it is to get their personal information removed from Intelius or other sites, many people hire reputation management firms to handle the tedious and boring work. Reputation management can help you with all of the steps required to get your personal information removed from Intelius people search and people finding sites. They can also send you reports that will give you immediate results.

If you are serious about erasing personal information from Intelius searches, as well as from other company searches, you can expect to spend hours erasing your online history.

You can choose to hire a reputation management company to handle the job. This will save you the hassle of contacting each site to verify if your information has changed. Your reputation management company will contact you, perform a scan of your information, and inform you when your profile has been removed from a search.




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